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Check out the following pages on common topics around dog behaviour, rescue, adoption, and management:

Two Week Shutdown

A newly adopted dog might not seem outwardly stressed, but they are going through one of the biggest transitions in their lives. 

Dog-to-Dog Interactions

Some dogs are natural social butterflies, but many have boundaries with other canines. What is the best way to introduce new friends to your four-legger?

Multi-dog Homes

The more dogs - the merrier? Eery new addition will change the dynamic in your home. Some tips on how to set up the entire family for success!

Love and Leadership

Dogs don't need dominance or an alpha, but they do benefit from manners, boundaries, and impulse control. Use your brain to train and enjoy learning with your dog.

Aggression vs. Reactivity

Reactivity on leash is one of the most common behaviour issues. What is the difference between reactivity/aggression, and what to do if your dog starts acting out?

Equipment Tips

Any pet store will show you a dazzling array of collars, harnesses, leashes, and gadgets designed for walks. Choose a humane option that works for you and your dog!

Rehoming a Dog

Not every dog is a fit for every home. While we don't take in owner surrenders, we have some tips on what to do if you are in the position of having to re-home your dog.

Breed Specific Legislation

Many communities are moving away from breed specific legislation (BSL) because it is inhumane, not evidence-based, and ineffective. Read an overview of why BSL is a bad idea, then learn more at our affiliated site

Navigating the Rescue System

You have a dog-shaped space in your home. How do you find your perfect match, and who do you contact to get started?

Responsible Rescue

Adoption is a great option! But not all rescues have the skills, experience, or commitment to ensure a perfect match. Learn how to adopt smart.


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