When you sponsor a dog, you get to know that you are having a direct impact on this dog's life. Often, the dogs that require sponsorship are those with extreme medical needs, are senior dogs or have been victims of abuse and neglect. These dogs generally require extensive and expensive veterinary assistance and don't we all know that those bills add up quickly!

When you donate towards a dog, your name will be added to their sponsor list. We send out regular emails to each dog's sponsors that include extra special and intimate details, photos and videos about their life and their progress that aren't always shared on our social media platforms. You get to follow along with each dog's journey to health and happiness!




Betty White found herself at the CRD Shelter when her owner sadly passed away. Betty has proven to be one of the happiest and silliest of dogs, but there's one thing that's holding this spunky senior back - her teeth! When she came into our care about 3 weeks ago, it became clear very quickly that her teeth were in terrible shape and she desperately needed a dental.

This is why Betty needs your help! Dental work is expensive and we anticipate that she's going to need a number of extractions and major dental work. This girl is so deserving of a second chance and we want to give this sweet senior a pain-free smile for Christmas. Betty has been through a lot in her life but life's going to get a lot better for her with your support.

Please consider sponsoring Betty to help help get her teeth fixed and give her one more reason to smile this holiday season.

DONATE Directly To Betty's Care Here

SPONSOR A compassion care DOG 

When you sponsor a Compassion Care dog, you get to know that you are providing a dog with the financial support that they require in order to live out the rest of their days as comfortably as possible. Our Compassion Care dogs are generally seniors or those with extensive health problems and so the veterinary and medication bills add up quickly. 

Generally, when you donate towards a Compassion Care dog, regular email updates are NOT sent. This is because these dogs generally live a low-key life with lots of couch snuggles and gentle walks (so their updates would all be the same!). We do try to keep our supporters updated on the dog's wellbeing through our social media platform.


Ted was originally brought in by Surrey Animal Resource Center after he was found roaming. He underwent surgery to remove a variety of lumps and bumps and it was determined that he had cancer. We at HugABull agreed that Ted deserved to live out the rest of his days in a loving and safe home and so he became a member of our Compassion Care program (to learn more about our Compassion Care program, please click here). We originally thought that Ted's days would be limited but he has surprised us and 9 months later he is going strong! Despite his age, he still has a big zest for life and loves playing with his ball, car rides, puppuccinos, swimming and lounging on the couch.