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SPONSOR A compassion care DOG 

When you sponsor a Compassion Care dog, you get to know that you are providing a dog with the financial support that they require in order to live out the rest of their days as comfortably as possible. Our Compassion Care dogs are generally seniors or those with extensive health problems and so the veterinary and medication bills add up quickly. 

Generally, when you donate towards a Compassion Care dog, regular email updates are NOT sent. This is because these dogs generally live a low-key life with lots of couch snuggles and gentle walks (so their updates would all be the same!). We do try to keep our supporters updated on the dog's wellbeing through our social media platform.



You're safe, you're clean, you're loved and you'll never be left on your own again.


Maggie came from our lovely friends at Surrey Animal Resource Centre. This sweet senior was left tied to a fence in rough shape. We scooped her up and she joined one of our most experienced fosters who routinely take on seniors and palliative dogs. Maggie quickly made herself at home and is one of the nicest dogs. Unfortunately, when she went in to to get some dental work done, she had a seizure right before going under. It was bad enough that doing the dental was no longer an option. The vet thinks that she has a brain tumor and they warned us that they don't know how long she has left. Thankfully her teeth aren't causing her pain (they are just dirty), but because of the tumor she is no longer adoptable and has become part of our Compassion Care program. Along with her foster family, we hope to make Maggie's remaining days as amazing as possible and so are planning several bucket list activities or her! We are hoping that our amazing community will help to donate towards her bucket list so that we can check off as many things as possible.


When you sponsor a dog, you get to know that you are having a direct impact on this dog's life. Often, the dogs that require sponsorship are those with extreme medical needs, are senior dogs or have been victims of abuse and neglect. These dogs generally require extensive and expensive veterinary assistance and don't we all know that those bills add up quickly!

When you donate towards a dog, your name will be added to their sponsor list. We send out regular emails to each dog's sponsors that include extra special and intimate details, photos and videos about their life and their progress that aren't always shared on our social media platforms. You get to follow along with each dog's journey to health and happiness!


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