When you sponsor a dog, you get to know that you are having a direct impact on this dog's life. Often, the dogs that require sponsorship are those with extreme medical needs, are senior dogs or have been victims of abuse and neglect. These dogs generally require extensive and expensive veterinary assistance and don't we all know that those bills add up quickly!

When you donate towards a dog, your name will be added to their sponsor list. We send out regular emails to each dog's sponsors that include extra special and intimate details, photos and videos about their life and their progress that aren't always shared on our social media platforms. You get to follow along with each dog's journey to health and happiness!



Introducing Josie, our most recent addition to the HugABull foster program. Hers is one of the many heart-wrenching stories we turn into happy endings every year thanks to the collaborative work we do with other rescues, and with the generous help of supporters like you!

It was a quiet Saturday before Christmas when we were contacted by our friends at The Farm rescue about a well-known dog on the Island who was desperate for help. Josie had been attacked by another dog in her home after being on the losing end of a dispute over food. Being underweight and used solely for breeding, five-year-old Josie needed a safe place to land where she could have her best interests put first.

We knew finding a vet clinic that was open, available and potentially able to board a dog in need was going to be a significant challenge. There already aren’t enough vets in most communities to meet the demand for appointments – so all we could do was hope. We were beyond fortunate to have Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital make themselves available to oversee the extensive medical care Josie was sure to require. We waited anxiously to receive word that Josie had safely made it to Elk Lake, and just as we expected, she was in rough shape. The entire right side of Josie’s body was swollen, including her head to the point that she was unable to open her left eye. To make matters worse, Josie had deep puncture wounds to her head and neck, wounds that were leaking fluids. Despite all of this, staff at the clinic said she would not stop wagging her tail and giving them kisses – she must have known she was now safe and about to be someone’s first priority.

The team at Elk Lake worked hard to ensure her wounds were cleaned and free of potential infection gave her pain medication and then started her on antibiotics to fight off anything that might be in her system. By the next morning, Josie’s swelling had already gone down and she was able to open both eyes again, a true testament to the incredible work the vet team did, and to Josie’s determination to survive. Speaking to the Elk Valley team, we knew there was a lot more that needed to be done for Josie. She would still require surgery but it was decided a few more days of rest and antibiotics would be the safest choice on her road to recovery. As if the clinic team hadn’t done enough for us on such short notice, they kindly volunteered to board Josie for those extra days at no charge. They are heroes, not only to us, but also to Josie.

We were shocked to see how extensive Josie’s injuries were once she was in surgery. Usually, we wouldn’t share photos of such a graphic nature, but sometimes it is important to show how well animals can hide their pain despite intense, life-threatening injuries. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking your animal to the vet when their behaviour seems off, or if they have had a fight with another animal – it could truly save their life.

Josie had three serious puncture wounds - one deep in the tissue of her shoulder, one on the top of her head and one on the side of her neck that required a drain. Even with a drain in place, the vet team described her as a fast favourite whose tail never stopped wagging and was impossible not to love. Everyone was over the moon when Josie’s drain was able to come out the next day and we considered it our Christmas miracle.

Once she was given the all-clear to travel, we moved Josie to a foster home where she will continue to be a first priority and receive the love and support she has always deserved. No longer will she be bred for profit, no longer will she wonder when her next meal will come, no longer will she have to worry about her safety – these are all promises we made to her. She has settled wonderfully into her foster home and continues to make strides in her health each day, both physically and mentally.

If you would like to follow Josie’s journey to full recovery you can sponsor her care for a donation of $20 using the button below. As a sponsor, we will send you updates (including photos and videos) so you too can see the transformation take place. All donations will be used to help cover the cost of Josie’s care and to help other dogs in need. 

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We’ve all read heartbreaking stories about abused and neglected dogs, but it’s not every day you see it firsthand. Maisy was found wandering along the side of the road in horrendous condition when she was brought into Chilliwack Animal Control. Emaciated, with both eyes and ears badly infected, missing half of the hair on her body, and skin so raw and full of puss she had to be treated for maggots. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her nails were so long that they had grown into the pads of her feet making every step incredibly painful. While we don’t know Maisy’s history, we do know that this doesn’t happen overnight and that she had been suffering for a very long time.

After dedicating a lot of time, energy, and resources working to give Maisy the second chance she deserves, Chilliwack Animal Control contacted HugABull to see if we could help with the rest of her journey. We jumped at the chance to assist with a dog who has endured so much in her time. We can’t thank the CARE Centre team enough who did everything they could to give Maisy a fighting chance.

We knew that Maisy needed a special foster, one who would not only be able to manage her medical needs, but also help her adjust to life in a home and to a world that was likely unfamiliar to her. When our previous HugABull President and Director reached out and offered to foster Maisy - it felt like nothing short of a miracle. Having dedicated over fifteen years to HugABull, Shelagh had seen it all. Now a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and the owner of Dizine Canine - Dog Training & Behaviour, a very successful dog training company, what more could we ask for?! Getting Maisy to the island where Shelagh lives was our next hurdle.

Special thanks goes out to Jenn, one of our amazing volunteers who dropped everything and rearranged her schedule so she could take this special girl on a ferry ride to the island. Maisy is still settling in and adjusting to her new life, but Shelagh reports that she’s very affectionate and loves to give kisses. We are so excited to help Maisy start this next chapter of her life and watch her blossom as she begins to see what a dog’s life truly can be.

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SPONSOR A compassion care DOG 

When you sponsor a Compassion Care dog, you get to know that you are providing a dog with the financial support that they require in order to live out the rest of their days as comfortably as possible. Our Compassion Care dogs are generally seniors or those with extensive health problems and so the veterinary and medication bills add up quickly. 

Generally, when you donate towards a Compassion Care dog, regular email updates are NOT sent. This is because these dogs generally live a low-key life with lots of couch snuggles and gentle walks (so their updates would all be the same!). We do try to keep our supporters updated on the dog's wellbeing through our social media platform.


Ted was originally brought in by Surrey Animal Resource Center after he was found roaming. He underwent surgery to remove a variety of lumps and bumps and it was determined that he had cancer. We at HugABull agreed that Ted deserved to live out the rest of his days in a loving and safe home and so he became a member of our Compassion Care program (to learn more about our Compassion Care program, please click here). We originally thought that Ted's days would be limited but he has surprised us and 9 months later he is going strong! Despite his age, he still has a big zest for life and loves playing with his ball, car rides, puppuccinos, swimming and lounging on the couch. 


We recently welcomed Diego to our program at a miracle 16 years old! He came to us when his previous owners (through no fault of their own) decided to surrender him. It was a heartbreaking decision for them, but it was the right decision to make with Diego's best interests in mind. Because of his age, he became a member of our Compassion Care program (to learn more about our Compassion Care program, please click here). Despite being 16 years old, this guy surprises us with how much he loves his walks, snuggling and hiding under blankets. He may not look 16, but his teeth definitely show their age and we know that he's in pain when he's eating. He will need to undergo a much needed dental surgery. We hope to provide this sweet senior with as happy and comfortable of a life as we can.