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Resources & support


Adding a dog to your family

  • Looking to rescue? what you need to know

  • Navigating the system

  • Red flags in rescue

  • Finding a reputable breeder


Re-homing your dog

   Lets talk about your options:

  • The shelter system

  • Surrendering to a rescue

  • Private re-homing

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Information and support

  • Lost and found - what to do

  • List of SPCA branches and municipal shelters

  • Animals in distress and where to report animal cruelty

  • Assistance with veterinary care and/or supplies


Equipment and gear

  • Information on the different types of collars, harnesses, leashes and muzzles


Training and behaviour

  • Information and resources regarding methods of training, information on behavioral issues and when to seek help


Fun with your dog

  • Dog sports

  • Tricks

  • Enrichment

  • Brain games and mental stimulation

  • Treat recipes

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