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Due to Covid, we have been receiving a higher number of adoption applications. Please know that we are doing our very best to respond to these inquiries as quickly as we can and we appreciate your patience.

Meet our Crew!






Maisy - available

Age: 9 approx.

Gender: Female

Weight: 65lbs

Energy Level: Low

Housing needs: House/townhouse preferred

Kids: Nope

Dogs: Nope

Cats: Nope

Maisy is a sweet senior who came to us in terrible condition as a result of neglect. Due to untreated allergies and infections, Maisy has scarring and no hair on many parts of her body. It has taken many months, but we finally have Maisy's allergies under control. Maisy is on daily medication and is on hypoallergenic food. It's very important that her adopters are careful with her diet and stay on top of her allergies.

Maisy loves people and really anyone she can climb onto and cuddle up with. Maisy is pretty easygoing (except if you're late for dinner) and all she really wants is a retirement home. She gets along well with other animals, however in her last foster home she showed and is looking for a retirement home where she can snuggle up. We are looking for a quiet home for her, in which her family is home more often.



Maisy is a sweet senior who came to us in terrible condition as a result of neglect. Due to untreated allergies and infections, Maisy has scarring and no hair on many parts of her body. She is on daily medication for her allergies and will need someone who is comfortable managing her skin issues.

Maisy LOVES her people and really anyone who will show her affection. She gets along well with other animals and is looking for a retirement home where she can snuggle up . We are looking for a quiet home for her, in which her family is home more often. 



Missy is approximately seven years old and is sweet as can be. She is a large girl at approximately 95lbs and would do best in a home with a yard. Missy enjoys the company of other dogs, however no cats for this girl. Missy could live with kids 5+ since she struggles with body awareness.



Brin is a super affectionate girl who is close to two years old. Brin LOVES her people and outdoor adventures however, she is highly reactive towards other dogs which we believe is frustration-based. Brin needs someone who has patience and experience with reactivity as this will be her biggest challenge. While we do believe Brin can have dog friends, we are looking for a home in a quiet area, with no small kids and no other animals.



Belle came to us from our friends at Bullies In Need and was one of twenty-three dogs involved in a cruelty seizure. These dogs were kept chained and hidden in the forest and suffered many years of abuse and neglect, but not anymore!

Belle is still adjusting to 'normal' dog life and will need a home that is super quiet and lowkey (no young kids). Belle would also benefit from another confident dog in the home. Every day that passes, we get to watch this sweet girl come out of her shell and it has been so rewarding. We are looking for a home that will be patient and understanding of the fact that Belle needs lots of time to feel safe in this new world.



Ginger is approximately a year old and a big girl at about 70lbs. Ginger came from a home where she was kept in a pen with her sister, Honey. The world is very new to her and we are looking to place her somewhere quiet and away from the hustle and bustle.


Ginger LOVES her people and is dog social, however, Ginger is reactive on leash towards other dogs and will need someone who is dedicated to working on this with her. We are looking for a home for her that has another male dog, that is confident and that can show her the ropes. No small kids for her as Ginger has no awareness of her size and no cats for this drivey girl.



Honey is Ginger's sister and is the less confident of the two. While Honey is dog social, she is fearful and would do best in a home that is dedicated to building her confidence in new situations and around other dogs.

Honey would do best in a quiet area and in a home with a yard. No small children for this girl and no small animals. She is a dog that would do great in dog sports where she can put her drive to good use!



Walter is a purebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier (we have the papers to prove it!) and is five years old. Walter is very easily over-aroused and will need a very structured home with breed experience. 

We are looking for a home with no kids and no other animals for this boy. Walter is social with other dogs and currently lives with four, due to his over-arousal we think he would do best as a solo dog. Walter LOVES to work and has been a champ in nose work. This sweet boy is finally ready for a permanent place to call home.



Odin is a lovely senior that is approximately eight years old. Don't let his age fool you! He's quite active for his age and loves to get out and enjoy the outdoors. 

Odin is dog social, however, he can be reactive towards dogs on leash due to frustration. He did live with little kids in his previous home and he decided it wasn't for him so we're looking for a home with either no kids or older kids. Odin likes to vocalize his feelings and would do best in a home where his voice won't be an issue.



Maple is a sweet little puppy that was found wandering alone when she was hit by a car and suffered multiple broken ribs and a fractured spine. Thankfully she won't have any permanent injuries but does have a condition called Cerebral Hypodisplasia which affects her mobility.

When she is available for adoption, she will need a home with little to no stairs as she has trouble coordinating her movements. Maple is pretty independent and is very quick to pick up new skills! She's grasping housetraining really well and would benefit from another calm male dog in the home.



Marvin is a senior who joined our program recently so we still have lots to learn about him! Despite being 70lbs, Marvin seems to believe he's a lap dog and loves to cuddle. Marvin does have some mobility issues and will need a home with few to no stairs. We are still getting to know this boy so stay tuned for more information!