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OUR adoption program

We are here for you every step of the way

 We pride ourselves on our matchmaking abilities. Since our establishment in 2003, we have helped over 1,500 blockheads find their happily ever after's. We believe in setting up both our dogs and our adopters for success and our Adoption program is a direct reflection of that.

When you adopt through HugABull, you end up with more than just a dog. You become a life-long member of the HugABull community, a supportive network of bully enthusiasts. Regardless of how much time passes, we will always remain a resource for our adopters.


Before you apply to adopt, please read about our Adoption program below.


ready to adopt? Before you apply, read about our adoption process below

steps to a successful adoption

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Step 1: Complete our adoption application

This is a great opportunity for us to get to know you and also helps us determine which dog might be a great match for you. If you are interested in a specific dog on our Adoptables page, please be sure to include the dog's name on your application.

Step 2: Learn about our adoption program through a phone interview

Our Foster and Adoption Coordinator will schedule a mutually convenient time to chat on the phone and go over our adoption program, discuss your application and answer any questions that you may have. This is the perfect time to discuss your needs and lifestyle, and which foster dogs might be a match for you.

Step 3: Home check

Part of our screening process includes a home check. This is a great time to discuss integrating a new dog into your home and how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Step 4: Arrange a meet and greet

It's finally time to meet the dog in person! Meet and greets take place at the foster's home so that you can see the dog in an environment where they are comfortable. Our Foster and Adoption Coordinator will also be present during this meeting in addition to the dog's foster parent. We encourage you to ask the foster as many questions as you like so that you can get a sense of what the dog is like to live with. You can also take the dog for a walk so that you can see how the dog is on leash. If you have another dog in the home, we ask that you bring them so that we can introduce the dogs by way of a parallel walk to see how everyone gets along.

Step 5: Take your time

After your meet and greet, we ask that you take at least 24 hours to discuss the adoption with your family. Adopting a dog is incredibly exciting, but it's also a lifetime commitment that should be thoroughly thought through.

Step 6: Two-week 'foster-to-adopt' period

We offer all of our adopters a two-week foster-to-adopt period. This provides you with an opportunity to get to know the dog and to make sure that it's a great match before making things official. When you have other animals in your home, it's especially important to ensure that everyone gets along well. Our Foster and Adoption Coordinator will check in with you daily to make sure that everything is going well and to answer any questions that you might have.

Step 7: Making it official!

If the dog is a great fit and the foster-to-adopt period has gone well, the adoption contract is signed and it's official! Our adoption fee is $600 for adult dogs, $700 for puppies, and $350 for seniors aged 9+. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, microchipped, up to date with vaccines, de-wormed, and treated for fleas prior to adoption. While we very rarely 'break even' on a dog financially, our adoption fee helps offset some of the costs that we incur and helps us support more dogs in need. If there are any medical or training needs identified during the foster or foster-to-adopt period, HugABull will provide support and a transition plan for the adoptive family. HugABull is also a resource for the lifetime of the dog, and you can contact us at any point for support.

Ready to take the next step? 

COMPLETE our ADOPTION application


1. What do I do if I see a dog that I want to adopt?

If you happen to see a dog that you are interested in adopting on our website or on one of our social media pages, please be sure to fill out an adoption application and specify on your application which dog you are interested in adopting. 

2. Why don't you have more dogs?

The number of dogs that we have in our program depends on a few factors: How many dogs are in need of our program, how many foster homes we have available, and also how much time we have. Since we run a very supportive program it's important that we have enough attention and resources to dedicate to each dog that ends up in our care. 

3. Why don't all of your dogs show up on your website?

When a dog enters our program, they immediately begin their 30-day foster hold during which they are not available for adoption. This 30-day period allows the dog time to decompress from being in a stressful shelter environment. It also provides us with an opportunity to re-assess the dog in a home environment and helps us get to know the dog, so that we can better match them to an appropriate home. 


Since we tend to run a smaller program, it is common for us to have adopters that have been approved and are waiting for the right dog to come along. This is why often times a dog will finish their 30-day foster hold and go directly into an approved adoptive home and not make it onto our website. For this reason, we strongly recommend starting the adoption process early by filling out an open adoption application, so that our Adoption Coordinator can get a sense of what kind of dog you are looking for. 

4. Where else can I look for a dog?

When you are looking to add a four-legged friend to your life, your number one priority should be finding a dog that is compatible with you and your lifestyle. If you have specific needs or wants, you can expect that it might take more time to find the right match - but please be patient. When looking for a dog, be sure to check the BC SPCA as well as all of the municipal shelters. Adopting from a reputable rescue is another great option, however, it's very important to do your research into the rescue organization that you are considering adopting from as they are not all created equally. 

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