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Consider becoming a monthly donor! For a minimum of $10 per month, you will become a HugABull Hero!


As a HugABull Hero, you get to make a huge impact in the lives of our foster dogs. Knowing that we have guaranteed donations coming in allows us to budget and plan for our dogs. Your monthly donation means we have a steady stream of income that we can rely on to cover our expenses. Your money will go towards veterinary expenses, medication, training, supplies (such as food, beds, crates, leashes, harnesses etc.) and enrichment activities. All members of HugABull are 100% volunteer, so every penny of your donation will go directly to the dogs!

See below to find out about the extra PERKS of being a Hero!



When you sign up to be a monthly sponsor, we will send you a personalized thank you card to welcome you to the club. We will also include a few special HugABull branded items!

As a HugABull hero, you will automatically be added to the email list for our dog sponsorship updates! Each time that we send out an update email about the currently featured sponsor dog, we will send it to you too! This gives you the opportunity to stay intimately connected with extra special details, photos and vidoes of some of our dogs.

We want our HugABull Heros to enjoy our branded merchandise and so we will send you an exclusive coupon code to our web shop that will give you a 20% discount on ANY product! Enjoy browsing through a wide and rotating selection of Tee's, hoodies/zipups, toques and more.