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HugABull is run entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for passionate, motivated people who can make a commitment to our organization. Beyond foster care and adoption, there are many ways to make a difference!

Email us at: to connect with our volunteer coordinator.

Ways You Can Help


After a basic screening and orientation, you can visit the homes of potential adopters to ensure their home is suitable for a new canine family member. You can also help out by transporting foster dogs to and from veterinary appointments or help by picking up or dropping off much needed supplies.


The more people we have to staff booths, hand out flyers, and help run events, the more we can be out in the public eye. If you love people and are passionate about spreading the truth of the breed, you may be a great fit for our events team.


Do you have a special talent? Work in a specific field? We’re always open to new ideas and ways to help more dogs. If your talent or passion can help us be better, let's talk! Some examples of donated skills or professional services include:

  • Dog trainers, walkers, and sitters

  • Photographers

  • Artists and graphic designers

  • Printers

  • Writers

  • Fundraisers

  • Event organizers

  • IT experts

  • Bookkeepers and accountants


We do not have a physical shelter and since our dogs are in private foster homes, we have very few opportunities to visit or walk foster dogs. If these are the opportunities you are looking for, we recommend contacting your local shelter or SPCA.

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