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Host a fundraiser

We host several fundraisers throughout the year but we always appreciate when members of our community organize and host their own fundraisers in support of HugABull. Ideas could include birthday fundraisers, bottle drives, bake sales, yard sales and more. We encourage you to get creative, involve your family and the community and have fun! Read below for our third party fundraising guidelines.


Please contact us at the email address provided below for more details and support.

Third Party Fundraising Guidelines

Step 1: Select a Fundraiser

There are endless options for fundraisers that can be done in person, online, be an initiative led by just you or something that includes the whole family! Select a fundraiser that best suits your needs and goals. Examples include raffles, silent auctions, bottle drives, bake sales, garage sales, paint nights and more!

Step 2: Set a Fundraising Goal

Set a fundraising target. Having a fundraising target will help you and your participants be motivated to attain that goal.

Step 3: Date & Location

Decide on the date of the fundraiser as well as the location (if applicable) and make sure to let your audience know!

Step 4: Message

We ask that your fundraiser align with our HugABull values and Mission Statement. Read our Mission Statement here.

Step 5: Public Image

We ask that your fundraiser itself as well as those in charge of promoting the fundraiser maintain a polite and professional demeanor while representing our brand. Please remember that while at your event, your guests are being introduced to and learning about what we do at HugABull. We recognize that everyone may have unique opinions about our work and so we appreciate polite and open discussion.

Step 6: Promotion and Social Media

Whenever possible, we can try to share your fundraiser through our social media platforms to help spread the word! If you would like us to share the event to our supporters, please tag us in your event on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Step 7: Donations

Any monetary donations raised can be e-transferred to or you can send a donation via PayPal. Any item donations raised can be dropped to one of our drop-off locations in Chilliwack, Abbotsford or Richmond.

Step 8: Thank you!

We want to say THANK YOU for organizing a fundraiser on our behalf! We really appreciate it and are more than happy to support you along the way. We can assist with high resolution images of our logo, social media advertising and occasionally, our personal participation. Please email if you have questions.

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