Have you heard out about our Collar Exchange Program?

If you're currently using a choke chain, prong collar or shock/e-collar on your dog, and are open to trying a new approach, simply reach out to us at All you have to do is trade-in your dog's current collar and we'll give you a brand new harness for FREE! We will even help fit your pup into the right sized harness.

We also have a great network of certified dog trainers that use science-based, positive reinforcement methods. If you need help with your dogs behavior, we would be happy to connect you with a trainer.

We use Freedom Harnesses on all of the dogs in our program and we highly recommend them! They have a front and back clip option and provide better control of your dog while walking. They are also more secure than a collar, if your dog happens to be a flight risk. If the Freedom Harness is not the right fit for you dog - no worries! We'll make sure to provide you with a harness that works for your pup!